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This is for you if…

*CLARITY* Are you considering a change in your business and need some help deciding if it’s right for you and getting started?

*PLAN* You’ve just accepted a new position and need help to take on your new responsibilities and thrive in this new role?

*ACTION* You have recently left your position and are starting your own business. Do you need support to set up a concrete action plan adapted to your personality?


Embarking on a new career path is a decision rarely taken lightly. What are the questions you need to consider? Have you identified and prioritized the most important choices you need to make? How can you prepare for a change in career path? Preparation is the key to a successful transition.

Coaching can help you see things more clearly and prioritize what’s important. You can evaluate the biggest decisions of your life with a seasoned coach who has extensive experience in the field.


Once you’ve made your decision, it’s time to get moving! The decision phase can be difficult, but it is the transition phase that is the most crucial. How do you create a stable ecosystem in your new professional environment?

Coaching can help to effectively manage the transition, ensuring that your project is in line with your values and life mission, while preserving its physical and mental well-being. A relevant and adapted coaching process with tools and keys to success to ensure a fulfilling and serene professional transition.


workers are in the process of retraining or considering it

thriving professional transition

Whether you’re evaluating a career change and looking for help finding your way, or you’ve already decided to take a new position or start your own business, a certified career coach can help you through all the steps of this exciting transition.

In short

Each coaching process is different and adapted to the individual’s situation. But on average, for requests related to professional reconversion, I propose the following approach:

individual coaching sessions

average session duration

months of unlimited support

Total cost : 900 €

Possibility to pay in monthly instalments: 180 € / month

client love

I launched my podcast! I was able to see my launch project through to the end thanks to this coaching. I am much more confident in my business. I always try to analyze my reactions to the new challenges I face.
I liked Claire’s approach, always benevolent and open. Even if my project was not her field, she knew how to accompany me in the best way. Claire is welcoming and always has a smile!
If I could change anything? I wish I had done this coaching a few years ago haha! More seriously, no, everything was well balanced: the frequency, the duration, etc.

To those who want to start, I want to tell them that they will be a little shaken up in a good way! Claire manages in her own way to make us think, mature, grow… all at the same time.

Thank you!!! You have been very helpful and supportive. Thank you for your patience!

Stacy S.

Business Launch

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I offer a first session by Zoom or by phone, in order to get to know each other and to validate together the need for coaching.

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What does the coach do by the way?

The coach asks probing questions to bring out your unique abilities, helps you create a vision and plan for the future, and accompanies you through the implementation of career changes and life transitions.

The coach holds you accountable for what you say you will do, pushes you to do more than you would do on your own, and helps you overcome limiting beliefs that prevent you from reaching your goal.

What's the difference between therapy & coaching ?

First of all, in therapy, we talk about the patient, while in coaching we talk about the client.

The therapist focuses on the link between the past and the present in an attempt to answer the question why.

The coach focuses on the link between the present and the near future of the client and tries to answer the how question. To do this, the coach will co-construct an action plan with the client and put in place strategies that will allow the client to reach his or her clearly defined goal.

Is the certification important?

Yes, it is! Make sure your coach is certified. Today, many people who call themselves coaches have no formal training. A professional coaching certification in France takes an average of 8-10 months, requires a written dissertation, and follows a technical and practical training to adopt a neutral and caring coaching posture.

Many have added the word "coach" to their title in the hopes of jumping on the bandwagon, without respecting or even knowing the ethical code of our profession. Make sure that your potential coach has completed a state-recognized coaching course and is accredited by the ICF, EMCC or SFAPEC.

What are the payment methods ?

I currently accept payments by bank transfer in Euros or in local currency via Paypal.